The chART of Trading

– By Sundar Parasuraman

29_Saturday Sep_2018 10AM to 6PM
30_Sunday Sep_2018 10AM to 6PM

#1041/12, 1st floor, 1st main, 4th Block, Rajajinagar, Dr Rajkumar Road, Above SBM, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560010.

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The general perception of technical analysis varies from it being an unproductive tool at one end of the spectrum, to money spinning magical machine at the other end. The truth as it often does lies somewhere in between. Used in the right ways technical analysis can help investors at timing their investments at far more efficient risk/reward levels. The main objective of this technical analysis workshop will be to help the participants understand technical charts and spot opportunities that provide good risk/reward ratios for investments in the crypto markets. (Technical analysis is also used extensively in Equity, Forex, and commodity price analysis, the principles here can be used there also). The course will be useful for trades also (trading is not recommended for beginners).   This course will start with the basics and participants without any knowledge of technical’s can participate too.

Organizer: Unoversity, the blockchain Knowledgebase platform is hosting its first scholarly workshop on trading using technical analysis. This course gives you a perspective on trading using charts, patterns and important theories framing the trading behavior. On account of high dynamics and uncertainty revolving in the bitcoin and other cryptoassets, it becomes difficult to trade and to be profitable. With the growing speculations and ambivalent government regulations the cryptocurrencies quiver in their value. Institutional investors make it hard for small retail investors and traders, outpacing with their team of experts. We are here to offer you a basic workshop on trading using Technical Analysis.

This session will give you a perspective of how to trade using charts and recognize patterns in trading.

Workshop curriculum:

  • Introduction Of Stock / Technical Analysis
  • Dow Theory
  • Types Of Charts
— Chart Patterns
  • Bitcoin | Stocks | Commodities
— Methods for assessing accumulation/ distribution / consolidation
  • Other Chart Patterns
  • Supports & Resistances
— Using Fibonacci Series / trend lines / other patterns
  • Moving Averages
— Moving Averages / Envelopes / Bollinger Bands
  • Oscillators
— Momentum Indicators / RSI / ROC / MACD and more
  • Oscillators continued / Candle Sticks -
— Various Candle patterns, Candle Stick Analysis
  • Introduction to creating BOTS
  • Introduction to Elliot waves.
About Mr. Sundar Parasuraman:

Mr. Sundar has undergone the “Comprehensive Programme on Technical Analysis “from BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange in 2003. He has written the daily derivatives research report of Kotak Securities (2006-7) and have also written few articles on DNA money. He has worked on structuring investment products based on a combination of a quantitative and technical analysis in my other assignments with Religare and Way2Wealth securities.
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